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Vilcabamba & Espiritupampa with « Explorandino »

Vilcabamba was the last bastion of the Incas before being invaded by the Spaniards.

 The territory of Vilcabamba is located northeast of the city of Cuzco, in the province of Convención, in the Cordillera of the Andes; you can admire the snowy mountain ranges, canyons and green valleys, tropical forests.

 An option off the beaten track, on paths still unknown to the general public, for adventurers who love history and nature.

Do not miss

  • Discover the mysterious valley of Cedrochaca, its dense vegetation, its rivers, its flowers and exotic birds.
  • Explore little known and visited archaeological sites, some of which are still observed by scientists.
  • Go to meet local communities and visit villages in deep Peru.


  • Altitude: 950 – 3700 meters
  • High season: May – November
  • Duration: 7 days – 6 nights
  • Difficulty level: Medium

Discover the colors of Peru


Day 1: Cusco – Malaga pass – Vilcabamba

We meet at your hotel at 6am with our private vehicle, to go to the village of Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley. We will then continue to the Málaga pass (4400m), and descend to the village of Chaullay at 1450m. During the trip we will see snowy mountains and then we will pass the misty forest of the Amaibamba Valley. From Chaullay, we will take the path that gives access to the village of Huancacalle. Huancacalle (3000m) will allow us to discover the Inca remains of Vitcos Rosaspata and Ñustahispana. Night in the village of Huancacalle.

Time of walking : 7 hours
Climate : hot during the day, cold during the night
Altitude : Cusco (34000m) – Malaga pass (4400m) – Vilcabamba (3000 m)
Note : This day does not include breakfast

Day 2: Vilcabamba – Colpacasa pass - Utullococha

After visiting the village of Huancacalle, we will drive to the village of Vilcabamba Nueva (3450m), lunch picnic on the way.
We will pass the highest pass of the day, called Paso de Colpacasa at 3700 m altitude. From there, we will have the opportunity to discover magnificent mountains such as El Negrilla, Huamanapi, Sillarumi and Yanantin. Later, we will settle the camp in Utullococha Valley (3400 m).

Time of walking : 6 hours
Climate : Cold
Altitude : Vilcabamba (3000m) – Colpacasa pass (3700m) – Utullococha (3400m)

Day 3: Utullococha - Cedrochaca

Immerse yourself in the freshness of Cedrocacha's high mountain misty forests. From there we will meet families from Pampaconas, Chalca Valley, Ututopampa, Lorofindiyoc and Cedrochaca (3000m).

Time of walking : 7 hours
Climate : fresh with mosquitos
Altitude : Utullococha (3400m) – Cedrochaca (3000m)

Day 4: Cedrochaca - Urpipata

In the morning, the Cedrochaca Valley is covered with a dense haze that makes it enigmatic. After a few hours of walking, the vegetation will become denser and lush and the rivers more frequent. You will be warmly welcomed by families living in the area, especially the communities of San Fernando and Vista Alegre (2600 m). In addition, inside the Valley we will see deep rivers like El Encuentro and Sucsochincana. During the afternoon, we will discover the communities of San Guillermo, Corcumoco and Urpipata (2800m), the last will be our place of encampment.

Time of walking : 8 hours
Climate : Hot
Altitude : Cedrochaca (3000m) – Uripata (2800m)

Day 5: Urpipata – Espiritu Pampa

At dawn, we will observe the two most torrential rivers during the rainy season (Palomayuc and Locomayuc). Then we will take the path to the Cedrochaca pass, from there, we will see part of the famous Inca Trail that will be lost in the Deep Valley of Concevidayoc. You will have the opportunity to see and learn about the fauna and flora of the region and perhaps you will have the chance to see a rare bird typical 'Tunki' also called '' Gallita de las Rocas '' , also the largest flower in the world (3 meters high) '' Puyu de Raymondi ''. We will pass through an area called Pajonal, and this Inca path will lead us to the Col de Espíritu Pampa. There we will have time to catch a glimpse of the archaeological complex of Espíritu Pampa, which is lost in the vegetation. Our camp will be in the community of Espíritu Pampa (1511 m).

Time of walking : 7 hours
Climate : hot
Altitude : Urpipata (2800m) – Espiritu Pampa (1511m)

Day 6 : Espiritu Pampa – Chihuanqiry - Quillabamba

Very early we will have a guided tour of the archaeological center of Espíritu Pampa. Our guide will give us the opportunity to discover the history of the last dynasty of the Incas and remains found recently during the last excavations on the site of Espiritu Pampa.Currently, the National Institute of Culture and Copesco have just restored the citadel of Espiritu Pampa.
After a quick visit to the camp, we will continue to discover the landscape of the Espiritu Pampa Valley. During the morning, we will go through Espíritu Pampa, Lechemayoc, Villa Carmen and Resistencia. At the arrival of the village of Chihuanquiry (950m), we will take a vehicle that will take us to the village of Quiteni (place where we have the opportunity to continue with a more comfortable vehicle to the city of Quillabamba, 1050m). Overnight at the hotel in Quillabamba.

Time of walking : 5 hours
Time of transport : 7 hours
Altitude : Espiritu Pampa (1511m) – Chihuanqiry (950m) – Quillabamba (1050m)

Day 7: Quillabamba – Málaga pass – Cusco

After breakfast, we will discover a little Quillabamba before taking a vehicle that will transport us to Cuzco.

Time of transport (Quillabamba – Cuzco) : 5 hours
Altitude : Quillabamba (1050m) – Málaga pass (4315m) – Cusco (3350m)


Included :

  • Transportation Cuzco-Chaullay, Huancacalle-Chihuanquiri and Quillabamba - Cuzco
  • Camping equipment (Tent for 2 people, mattress, tent of meal, table with chairs and a toilet tent)
  • Meals during the excursion (6 breakfast, / lunch, & dinner & snacks / veggie option options)
  • English to Spanish bilingual professional guide (for French speaking guides, please contact us in
  • Cook and a kitchen team
  • Group entry for the archaeological sites of Vitcos Rosaspata, Ñustahispana y Espiritu Pampa
  • One night at Quillabamba hotel
  • Personal help and horse to carry camp equipment and personal belongings (7 kilos per person)
  • Emergency horse
  • First aid kit and oxygen bottle

Not Included

  • Sleeping bag (if necessary, it is possible to rent from the agency)
  • Breakfast on the 1st day
  • Dinner on the last day


Backpack, sleeping bag, clothes for a warm climate and for a cold climate - such as a waterproof jacket, fleece, pants and walking shoes, sandals, polos, rain poncho, hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent ( insect repellent) and disinfectant alcohol gel. Bottle of water and disinfectant tablet, Camera (in a plastic bag), flashlight



Waman Hotel Machupicchu


During the high season (May to August), we are subject to restrictions set by the Ministry of Culture, which provides us with passes for Mach Picchu, so the trek departure dates could be changed to one or two days past, we will then adapt the program so that you can make the most of it.

(1) Huayna Picchu mountain tour or Machu Picchu: To climb Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu, this requires a good time in advance. We take care of the booking and guarantee your entrance to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu. With, of course, an additional charge of $ 70.00 in addition to the entrance to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, according to the regulation of the Ministry of Culture (this new law came into force on July 18, 2011).

(2) Additional carrier : According to the law (26702) of the Ministry of Employment, the collaboration of an additional bearer will be granted at the request of the customer. However, the customer's luggage must not exceed 12 kilograms. The service costs USD 140 and includes transportation, entrance to the Inca Trail, food and camping equipment.

(3) Gratuities : For guides (and possible porters) are always welcome.

(4) Student card : To qualify for the $ 20.00 student discount, you must have a valid ISIC student card when booking - not just when you arrive in Cusco! The validity must correspond to the whole year in progress. When booking, we will need a copy of your card. The Ministry of Culture is strict when regulating student cards.

(5) CANCELLATION : For any last minute cancellation, the expenses already made by the agency will be at your expense. (See the terms and conditions)

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